But what is team building?

Team building is an intervention method for team development. Here, a team is a group of people interacting together to achieve a common goal.

The team building process trains team members to work effectively together and solve problems. More precisely, during a team building process, a team takes the time to examine and evaluate how it operates, diagnose possible problems and implement appropriate solutions in order to improve its functioning and thus increase its performance level.

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Why should you choose a team building activity?


the motivation and performance of your employees by awakening or developing individual and common skills


communication and exchange within your team thanks to original concepts


the creativity and responsibility of your colleagues through strategic and playful action exercises

What is the point of cohesion?

As team building specialists for many years, we are convinced that team cohesion makes it possible to improve happiness and harmony at work in a sustainable way.

A task that generates pleasure is much more motivating to perform than an action that is considered boring or repetitive, right? An employee who enjoys or at least appreciates his or her work on a daily basis will therefore be more likely to be motivated and efficient.

Because their role is to awaken or develop individual and common skills, team building organisation makes it possible to achieve a better level of performance. Based on the exercise of strategic actions aimed at improving team functioning and cohesion, they implement activities designed to increase team confidence, communication potential, creativity and responsibility. The organisation of your team building takes place in the place of your choice. 

Our activities are supervised by experienced professionals who will help you achieve your company's objectives in terms of efficiency and quality. Let us know your specific needs, we will create a team building for your company.

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Recreational or strategic, what should you choose ?

If you choose a recreational team building activity, the exchange within your team will be encouraged, while working implicitly towards common objectives such as cohesion, belonging or communication. These activities are carried out by "facilitator" animators.

If you choose a strategic team bulding activity, it will be more in order to materialize your objectives concerning your human resources, thanks to the use of metaphors. The expert guidance of a coach favoures the transfer between the lived experience and the professional reality.