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Game Coaching is a set of activities particularly adapted to the strategic needs of corporate teams. Our ICF certified coach manages the team building process based on the first exchanges experienced through a warm-up phase. These first experiences bring out the points to be worked on according to the specific needs of the team.

This refined choice allows you to work on your objectives in a targeted way: the strengths of your team, your essential values, your motivation levers or the sense of work developed by each participant. 

With its toolbox composed of team building and serious games, Game Coaching offers great flexibility for "minute" adaptations according to the team's situation and state of mind.


Develop the ability to work as a team, to collectively develop effective and innovative ideas or solutions
Promote cross-comprehension and awareness
Facilitate joint reflection and set up a concrete action plan according to the objectives


Nous avons été enchantés ! Les activités du Game Coaching ont répondu à toutes nos attentes. Tout le monde était au taquet et très intéressé.

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