Develop collective skills!

LEONARDO 3.4.5 is a computer-assisted method for identifying individual talents and potential within a work environment, with the aim of developing both individuals and teams. Thanks to this targeted analysis, it is possible to map the team in order to optimize its functioning.

This coaching activity allows companies and their managers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of teams and gives each employee the opportunity to get to know themselves better. The identification of each member's preferences at work must make it possible to optimize the composition and functioning of teams and therefore everyone's satisfaction. In addition, knowledge of these profiles should also guide the organization in certain strategic choices. 


Identify individual talents and potential
Optimize the composition and functioning of the team
Increase everyone's job satisfaction


Je tenais simplement encore à vous féliciter pour votre organisation, votre disponibilité et votre flexibilité. Le retour des participants est très bon. Merci ! 

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