Here is a serie of frequently asked questions.

For more details, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 026 409 70 00. 

What is the purpose of team building?

Team building is used to improve team listening and cohesion, but also to strengthen solidarity and synergy between employees.

Where can we carry out your activities?

We travel all over Switzerland and adapt to your location, whether it is inside or outside. Wherever you are, we come to you!

To what group size do the activities you offer fit?

We offer activities designed for groups of 5 people and adaptable to very large groups of several hundred people, depending on your needs.

Do you offer sports activities?

We offer sports-oriented activities that can be carried out by all employees; these do not require any specific skills.

Do you organize activities for birthdays, bachelor parties or youth societies?

We are a company specialized in team building for companies. Our activities are designed to meet the needs of companies especially.

Can we take our children to an activity?

It is not recommended to take your children during the activities but some special occasions such as the Family Day in the company is obviously adapted for children.

What if participants in an activity don’t speak the same language?

We favour only one language during the animation in order to keep a certain coherence in the explanations as well as a fluidity during the activity. It also keeps participants motivated and focused. In exceptional cases, we can imagine a bilingual animation. Our animators speak different languages and will be able to answer your questions in case something is not clear.

What if I don't know my budget yet?

Our priority is to present activities that correspond to your objectives. The financial aspects can be discussed in a second step.

Is there a meal organized in addition to the activity?

We are an activity provider only. We don’t organize meals before/during/after your activity but we would be happy to give you the contact details of our partners.

What happens if the number of participants varies up to the day of the event?

You can tell us any changes up to 7 days before the event. After this deadline, the number of participants will be definitively validated in order to move forward with the final planning adjustments for your company outing.

What happens if it rains during an outdoor activity?

We are aware that the meteorological aspect can complicate the carrying out of an outdoor activity. For this reason, we do our utmost to ensure that any activity goes as smoothly as possible. In the event of light rain, as far as possible, we provide tents to shelter the posts as much as possible. In some cases (thunderstorms or other extreme weather) we may have to propose an alternative activity.

Do I have to pay an amount before the event ?

After validation of your activity, we will send you a booking confirmation to be returned signed and a deposit of 50% is to be paid before your event. Following your activity, a final invoice will be sent to you.

If I need a location or a room, how long should I book it for the activity?

We provide you with a precise schedule of the activity as well as the set-up time and the clean-up time according to the chosen activity.

Who is in charge of finding the location of the activity?

We leave it to you to choose and coordinate the location.
However, if you need some advice, we remain open and are happy to suggest some of our partner locations to help you in your search.

Is there a gift for the winners when the activity is a competition?

Yes, a small attention is offered and is planned to finalize the activity. If you are interested in offering bigger gifts, we leave it to you to coordinate this with your contact person.

Who will be the animator of my activity ?

We recruit animators capable of carrying out the activities we offer. They are all well-trained and we make sure that everything goes well on site by selecting the people who are specialized in the activity you choose. Depending on the size of the group, we also adapt the number of animators on site. The identity of the animator for your activity will be communicated to you a few days before your company outing.

Is the animator reachable if I have a question to ask him/her or an information to give him/her?

The animator is only available on the day of the activity. Otherwise, please contact our offices directly at +41 26 409 70 00 or at the following address:

Is the animator’s meal to be included in my expenses?

No, our staff has its own meals.