An activity that suits you

In order to provide each service with a product of the highest quality, we want to control the entire process. Our qualified, creative and attentive staff will do everything to satisfy your requests down to the last detail.

To do this, we want to really understand what your wishes are in order to discuss with you which activity would best suit you and your team building objectives.

Planning is an important step in the process because it serves to coordinate all the elements, such as the equipment, the location or the facilitators, so that they work as a whole.


Qualified facilitators

The on-site activity is always led by one or more of our trained and experienced facilitators. All are able to manage both small and very large groups of people.

In addition to being versatile during the activity, they speak several languages so that all participants can find their way around. 


An extraordinary logistical capacity

To ensure our services, we have a logistical capacity that is out of the ordinary since we adapt to all types of terrain and all types of groups. More precisely, 10,000 people can participate in an activity simultaneously with Une-Bonne-Idé

This is possible thanks to the support of Festiloc, which is the largest stock of rental equipment in French-speaking Switzerland, of which we are also the owners.


A guaranteed success for all your employees

Thanks to our wide network of partners, we guarantee you a cohesion activity carried out in such a way that it suits you best. The service we provide is a real management tool to make your company outing an unforgettable experience.