Who will be able to release what's hidden in the suitcase?

The escape game is inspired by the escape room, whose goal is to get out of a room by solving different puzzles. With our activity, your duty is not to leave a room but rather to open a suitcase. So you don't necessarily need to move; it's the escape that comes to you. Another feature of our version of the game is that it is open to large groups. Whether you are 5 or 100, this activity will be a great success.

To carry out your mission successfully, your teams will be equipped with a suitcase and will have to solve the many intrigues proposed in order to open the padlocks that protect the various compartments of it. Between action and reflection, manipulation and observation, each participant will have to bring his experience to the benefit of his group to be the fastest and win the victory! 


Achieve a common goal through each other's combined strengths
Foster communication and exchange
Stimulate shared leadership


Nous profitons de l'occasion pour vous remercier de l'excellente prestation qui nous a été offerte! L'animateur était très sympathique et nous a emmené dans un monde incroyablement élaboré. Nous n'avons pas vu le temps passer et tous nos collaborateurs ont été ravis par l'attrait de cette activité Escape Game. 

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