Be part of the chain! 

We offer you a unique experience whose goal is collective success! No confrontation, no challenges, no points!  As in your company, everyone takes part in the success of a common project.

Divided into teams, you will have to fulfil your mission, which will be to build "a link" in the huge reaction chain. In order to guarantee the success of the challenge, communication with your neighbours will be essential. Then comes the time for the grand finale. The first team launches the impulse... Suspense, everyone holds their breath. Will the course run smoothly from start to finish? 


Potentialize the team’s ingenuity.
Stimulate a spirit of initiative.
Improve resource and time management.


J'ai reçu des super retours de l'Action-Réaction, tout le monde a beaucoup apprécié. Vivement la prochaine activité!

Confiez votre événement à une équipe expérimentée

Notre équipe est là pour vous conseiller pour que vous passiez le meilleur des moments avec vos collègues.
Team conseil activité team-building

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